“Nicole's attention to detail and support of the business line managers defines "excellence". Her expertise in employment offers and in assisting managers in recruitment and hiring of talent is exceptional, contributing to the addition of many qualified candidates to M&I across the country. In addition, Nicole's internal consulting with senior management concerning employee compensation helped greatly in the retention and promotion of talented employees. Nicole has great insights and is always a pleasure to work with."

Peter X. EngelEasterseals Southeast Wisconsin

 I have worked with Nicole as a member of the Human Resources Committee at St. Dominic Catholic Parish. As the one who oversees the Human Resources issues of our large parish, I bring many complex issues for the committee's consideration. In this work, I have found Nicole to be thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, and professional. She is a kind and good person guided by a strong moral compass."

Rich HarterArchdiocese of Southeast Wisconsin

 I worked with Nicole in the Human Resource Department of Marshall & Illsley Corporation. Nicole managed the compensation department while I was interning with the bank. Nicole provided me the opportunity to learn to work in a professional atmosphere and create networks that would allow for me to be successful in the business community. As a manager Nicole was clear and concise with the projects given to me. Nicole is very personable and is a great communicator. Nicole played an instrumental role in my ability to learn and grow as an employee and a person during our time working together."

Evan ReedSr Program Officer of Equitable Economic Opportunities